Shine provides the following services to prospective students:

  • Information Packages: Carefully selected universities and professional healthcare courses
  • Registration Assistance: Advice on the various documents you need to prepare and the procedures you need to follow
  • Priority in the Registration Queue for the University Numerous students apply to the university. Hence, Shine will make sure you are at the beginning of the queue.
  • Arrangement for lodgings and meals: Shine has exclusive deals with hotels and hostels to ensure that you live comfortably while you study.
  • Provision of Student Visa
  • Shine offers hassle-free assistance in the processing of your student visa application.
  • Demonstration of excellent communication skills with patients and their families
  • The ability to work effectively with other healthcare professionals
  • The ability to act ethically for the patient’s welfare and the public good, and being able to recognize the conflict between these interests
  • The ability to monitor their own performance and to continuously improve
  • After the completion of your Medical degree, Shine will advise you on the residency programs and job placement opportunities.

All you need to do is to complete the Shine Medical Degree application form and submit it to the Shine Singapore office along with all the supporting documentation.

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