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GLADZOR University is one of the famous medieval Armenian universities, founded in the year 1291. The University was operated in Gladzor village of Yeghegnadzor region of Vayots Dzor region by Nerses Mshetsi until 1340. Gladzor University had an internal charter and academic degree. By its nature and inclination, it resembled a university of social sciences. The University taught theology, philosophy, rhetoric, arithmetic, and astrology. Yerevan Gladzor University (YGU) (till 2006 called Gladzor Management University) was founded in 1990, restoring and pursuing the rich intellectual heritage of the great medieval Armenian University of GLADZOR. Within 30 years of its management, the University has been consistently and firmly implemented an educational-academic procedure in compliance with international standards.


Ensuring student-centered teaching at the university, ensuring students' involvement and participation in decision-making at the university, active organization and conduct of student life, the university has a number of departments/bodies, such a the Student Council, Student Scientific Society, Career Center, Educational Advisory Service, etc.


Gladzor University of Yerevan was awarded letters of thanks, diplomas and gold medals for its contribution to education. Thus, at the Ninth International Forum "High Quality in Business" held in Geneva in 2005, Gladzor University was awarded a gold medal by the International Fund of the same name for "High Quality in Work", as well as a certificate of Gladzor.


The teaching staff of the University is composed of doctors with great contributions to science, experienced doctors, professors, and other specialists with deep theoretical and practical skills in the field. In recent years, the teaching staff of the university has been regularly replenished with Gladzor graduates who have defended their PhD theses.



Medical students are provided with the best facilities in all the laboratories. University has well-ventilated and well-equipped Laboratories, which are regularly updated with advanced equipment. The theoretical components are well linked with practical inputs. Regular demonstrations in the labs provide a strong foundation and enhance learning. The following Labs are available for student's practice as per the Education ministry norms.


• Anatomy • Physiology • Microbiology • Biochemistry • Pathology

At Present the medical university occupies the first, fifth floor and administration on the ground floor of a seven-story building.


Adequate numbers of spacious, well-ventilated, well-lit and digital Lecture halls with comfortable seating arrangements are available.


Revolutionizing the education system with 3D education, a lecture hall with a fully 3D system where students can gain knowledge with a visual representation of human anatomy


The central library is 3.000 sq ft. located an the 7th floor of the university building and has internet access. The library has an adequate number of recent edition books and other reference materials. The vast resources of the Central Library and the digital network have specialized titles, journals, and periodicals. The library subscribes to print versions of the International and Indian journals Students also have access to use Laptops The mission of the library is to provide comprehensive resources and services to support the research, teaching, and leaming needs of the students


It is situated nearby the campus. The rooms are well ventilated and well furnished with heaters for winters. The available Facilities are WiFi network system that is accessible to every student, 24x7 coffee, and laundry machines Hygienic Indian food is served in the dining hall. Qualified Indian wardens take care of the students and provide special attention to the students when unwell.


For students' clinical practice. YGOMU has associated with Armenia Republican Medical Center. It has a high reputation in Armenia and provides a wide range of medical services Hospital is equipped with modern medical technologies and has experienced doctors as teachers. During the practical part of studies, students go to those hospitals and get real-life experience. This is an important factor for future doctors to be close with future employers.


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