Teaching university geomedi is a higher education institution that has passed a productive and creative path since its foundation; the university was established in 1998 by professor marina pirtshalava. geomedi is authorized university, which successfully implements accredited higher education programs learning and assessment process are regulated by the European credit transfer system (ECTS).

University provides students,academic and administration staff with well equipped auditoriums, high tech laboratories and modern clinical bases where they receive quality education geomedi has a library rich in print and electronic resources with free access to scientific databases (EBSCO, SCOPUS), integrating thousands of scientific publications.

the educational process is conducted by highly qualified Georgian and foreign educators, who impact deep and fundamental knowledge to their students, graduates, equipped with this knowledge, successfully continue their career path in the leading clinics or medical institution both Georgia and abroad.


studying abroad mbbs in geomeid university

Geomedi is one of the most successful higher education institutions in Georgia. The university provides students with a high-quality education and ensures the graduates with the competencies necessary for their future career. Equipped with theoretical knowledge and practical skills receives at our university, graduates successfully continue their work in leading clinics and medical institutions of our country and abroad. Educational programs at the university are in line with modern European standards. The university collaborates with many foreign educational and scientific research institutions, which allows us to fulfill many international projects.


Imagine a small, but beautiful country which bridges Europe and Asia. Imagine a country where, within a short span of time, you can swim in the black sea, go skiing in the Caucasus mountains and enjoy bustling city life. Imagine a country of endless wonders, ancient culture, mild climate, heavenly nature, and people so hospitable that guest here is considered the gods benevolence.

Georgia locating at the crossroads of western Asia and eastern Europe has a unique and ancient cultural heritage, is famed for its hospitally, beauty and cuisine. The majority of population is ethnic Georgians although Tbilisi, the capital of the country, has been known as one of the culturally diverse cities in the world since its foundation, the official language is Georgian, one of the oldest languages in the world, but people also speak Russian and English.

Why Study in Georgia:

* Economical Cost of Living * Low Tuition Fee * Safety * Easy Admission Process * International Level Medical Education

Why Study at Geomedi

* Geomedi is one of the best medical universities in Georgia that offers students modern medical education in a comfortable environment. * The university is equipped with comfortable auditoriums, state of the art laboratories and various facilities that will serve students every need. * The degree which you obtain at geomedi is recognized all over the world. * Faculty is staffed with highly qualified professionals. * Learning process is covered under bologna process.



The anatomy plays a pivotal role in teaching and training future doctors. A newly renovated anatomy hall at university geomedi gives students opportunities to be trained in all branches of human anatomy using traditional and innovative methods. The hall is equipped with the latest technical provisions needed for contemporary teaching approach in the field. These includes :3D anatomy table, printed human anatomy atlases, dry and wet preparations, educational videos and animations, 3D anatomy atlas. All lecture rooms in anatomy block are equipped with computers, projectors, all types of phantoms and mode is light macroscopics.


Laboratory and other practical work is a necessary part of the learning experience for students, especially in the medical field. It gives them opportunities to deepen their knowledge basic medical disciplines and develop skills of observation, classification, inference, procedure generation, collecting and interpreting appropriate data. There are several well-equipped laboratories and instrumental research rooms at the university, such as histology and chemistry labs, where students can engage in well-designed laboratory work.

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