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About Us

Ilia State University was founded in 2006 as a result of a merger of six different academic institutions with long and varied histories. Currently, it is one of the leading research and educational institutions in Georgia. Representing a union of students and professors, ISU is a multifunctional educational and research institution offering a common space for academic and professional education and research with the joint efforts of its students, professors, teachers and researchers.

The union is based on the three following principles:
Academic Freedom
Freedom of Conscience
Freedom of Choice

These principles are closely interrelated and interdependent: Students, teachers, professors and researchers are free to choose areas of study and research, as well as colleagues and supervisors to work with. No one has the right to forbid them from conducting studies on a certain topic or publishing research findings for political or moral reasons. Students and professors are free to choose any form of transparent and responsible self-governance they believe is best for the advancement of their union– the university–and its goals and objectives.

Why Study at ISU?

Ilia State University welcomes around 5,000 freshmen every year at all levels of higher education. ISU strives to meet each student's needs and help them reach their potential. Ilia State University equips its students with an all-round experience to provide them with the necessary knowledge, skills and confidence in order to achieve future career goals. ISU provides an advanced and dedicated academic community where the students can learn from experts and gain the qualification they are looking for.

At Ilia State University, students can broaden their horizons through its multicultural environment, which will develop their interpersonal skills to face new challenges – and will have the opportunity to become involve in a wide range of engaging student activities, clubs and societies.

We offer:

• Student-centered teaching- Vibrant relations between professors and students contribute to lively academic collaboration and debates. Students are encouraged and supported by faculty to find their individual research interests during their studies. • Practice based curriculum- ISU collaborates with governmental bodies and international organizations, as well as public and private entities creating opportunities for students to integrate theoretical knowledge into world of work. • Exchange and double degree program opportunities-Since 2012 ISU offers exchange programs to its students and staff in numerous international higher education institutions. ISU offers its students the exclusive opportunity to obtain a double degree diploma with various Austrian and US Universities. • Internationalization at home– Our students come from 15 different countries, we regularly host renowned international guest speakers on numerous international events. • Competitive tuition fees–ISU offers top-class education with competitive tuition fees in the country and the region as well. • Unforgettable student life- friendly, welcoming community where students can engage themselves in a variety of academic, social and cultural activities.

Ilia State University in a nutshell

• Founded: 2006 • Employees: 275 professors and more than 1000 researchers and teachers • 4 faculties:Faculty of Arts and Sciences,Faculty of Natural Sciences and Medicine,Faculty of Business, Technology and EducationandFaculty of Law • Students: over 15,763 students • Study programs: Approximately 50 Bachelor and 40 Master’s and Doctoral programs • Over 30 research institutes and centers • Research and learning facilities in many regions of Georgia • School of Business: # 1 study destination of Georgian freshmen since 2015


The Medicine program is established based on modern international standards and accentuates the development of clinical and research skills and professionalism.

ISU MD program is accredited by the National Centre for Educational Quality Enhancement which is itself accredited by the World Federation of Medical Education (WFME). The program has been listed on the web page of World Directory of Medical Schools which is developed through a partnership between the World Federation for Medical Education (WFME) and the Foundation for Advancement of International Medical Education and Research (FAIMER).

Why to choose MEDICINE program at Ilia State University?

• Research opportunities- Ilia State University is the country’s leading research University. Students of this program have the unique opportunity to be involved in scientific research activities in the field of biomedicine • Medical Scientific Research Institute– Ilia State University is running Medical Scientific Research Institute which is involved in the implementation process of the program scientific activities • Scientific Technical Base- Ilia State University owns leading scientific technical base equipped with technologically advanced laboratories • Partner organizations- Ilia State University established partnerships with the country’s leading, prestigious and competitive organizations in terms of clinical practice • International Contacts– Ilia State University is involved in various exchange and scientific projects and offers mobility opportunities with more than 50 European universities. • Focus on Clinical teaching– Within the course 1000 hours are given to produce the clinical skills.

Program Duration:12 Semesters (360 credits).

Academic Degree: The Degree of Medical Doctor



Iliauni Library – a space for learning and research – is open to everyone regardless of age, social, cultural, religious, ethnic or ideological status. The collection of the library contains almost 2 million titles, textbooks and periodicals, in in various languages. The library works to maintain and expand its collection as well as to make its electronic resources readily accessible.

Iliauni Library has a rich electronic collection. We offer access to the leading academic databases, electronic libraries, and other electronic resources that allow for high quality research.

Iliauni Library has 8 reading rooms and 2 computer stations.

Life in Tbilisi

Tbilisi is the vibrant capital city and the political heart of Georgia, the main site of its institutions of government and home to more than one in three of its citizens. The city is known for its distinctive architecture, which reflects itself in the city’s past and comprises an eclectic mix of Medieval, Neoclassical, Art Nouveau, Stalinist and Modernist structures. Tbilisi is one of the safest cities in Europe and frequently ranks among the most popular emerging destinations thanks to Georgia's growing tourism industry. The city differentiates itself with low living costs. According to Teleport’s city rankings, Tbilisi is a good place to live with high ratings in housing, business freedom and safety.


Tbilisi has cool winters and warm summers. There is very little rain and most rain falls on the summer months. It is common to snow in Tbilisi in the beginning of the year, with January being the coldest month.

Public Transport

Tbilisi has sufficiently developed and convenient public transport. The schedule for buses can be traced on the board on most of the bus stops. The city also has a subway, with only 2 branches and is easy to use. The fare of public transport ranges from 50 to 80 Tetri. There is a single ticket for buses, marshrutka buses, and cable cars. You can pay by a Metro money card that you top up with money as you need or by credit card.


About Fablab

Fablab Iliauni is Ilia State University's Laboratory of Future Innovation, a space at Ilia State University that enables students and anyone interested to turn innovative ideas into reality with the help of qualified staff and latest equipment.

Fablab Iliauni aims at promoting the development of innovative ecosystem in the country, therefore Fablab Iliauni offers training courses, innovative projects, acceleration programs for schoolchildren, students and any interested person.

Fablab Iliauni offers: • Open workspace with modern technologies; • Opportunity to solve problems and work on ideas in collaboration with the Iliauni team and leading university researchers; • Promoting startups and student projects; • Access to professional and technical assistance in the process of working on innovative ideas and prototyping; • Educational training courses and projects -, Hackathon, Ideathon, Createathon.

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