Kutaisi University is the oldest private university in Georgia with 29 Years of Young, dynamic, and professional academic staff. Being the first private university in Georgia, we opened doors for many other private universities in the country. UNIK has made its mark with continuous development. Three decades of accreditation in the nation, and now crowned by international accreditation for the medical program Individualism and professionalism. We add value to the world with our impeccable education, and we help the world be happier, healthier, and being together UNIK-The unique experience of learning and growing

What we offer

We continuously develop and integrate new policies for the smooth integration of international students.

Dedicated foreign student’s integration coordinators to support and train staff residential, and foreign students to understand the culture of foreign countries and global exposure Psychological center to provide screening for interested students.

A student career development coordinator to provide complete orientation about the labor market, potential employers, vocational guidance and advice, higher education advice, and career planning Organizes vocational and career growth training courses that act a an intermediary between the university, graduates, and employers.

Our ultimate goal is to provide you with a compelling education and comprehensive global exposure with an intro to the interesting Georgian reality with our cultures, traditions to help you co-exist in any diverse environment and cherish it!


- UNIK is accredited in accordance with the legislation of Georgia and complies with the international medical education standards as it is based on the World Federation of Medical Education (WEME) standards.

- Kutaisi University is a member of the European Medical Education Association (AMEE). This internationally acclaimed association has members to engage more actively via international seminars and conferences, and activities that enhance medical learning and knowledge of others.

- The program is semi-integrated and is based on the unification of basic subjects per the anatomical study, which brings students close to the clinical environment from the first year.

-The clinical subjects are based on the British Model and serve students maximally in undergoing practice with physicians operating in a clinical setting.

The ultimate aim of the program is to train competent and talented physicians of the tomorrow with international standards in both theoretical and clinical/research skills. Doctors are involved in lifelong learning, and we make it simple and understandable


• Kutaisi No.1 Primary Healthcare Center • Kutaisi regional Stemmatological center • GAMC Kutaisi Hospital • West Georgia Medical Center


• World Health Organization • amee • wfme | WORLD FEDERATION FOR MEDICAL EDUCATION


Outstanding Practice comes with outlasting learning. That's Where UNIK comes in!


The university has a specialized clinical skill enhancing center that allows students to learn through moulages and mannequins and practice all the manipulations they will need for professional activities.

The center is equipped with full-body moulages that allow students to learn to manage pathologies such as burns, fractures, injuries an well as small moulages that allow students to study different types of injections, treat wounds, and sutures

The center for clinical skills will provide students with the opportunity to work in virtual reality, using ultra-modern equipment, which helps them explore the details, structures, and functions of the human body with their own eyes

The equipment at the center meets international standards and is gradually upgraded


University labs are fully equipped with microscopic and biochemical laboratories.

-These laboratories will help students in learning the functions of tissues and distinguish them before and after disease.

- Biochemical labs allow students to pursue deeper knowledge in biochemistry, physiology microbiology, and immunology under expert teacher supervision.


The library is fully compliant with international standards as its book fund is updated annually, and the existing library has got everything for a student to prepare for any international entrances or for deepening their expertise

Library provides access to e-versions of books, including e-journals and research databases for health care


The university has a fully computerized examination system, which helps students deliver their knowledge to the maximum extent

For clinical subjects, practical skills-based examinations are held at the university under the clinical skills center


To get to Kutaisi University, one needs to visit the Western part of Georgia-the beautiful region - Imereti-one of the oldest cities of Europe- Kutaisi Our city is distinguished by tolerant hospitable people and is famous for its cuisine, local traditions, and beautiful landscape There is an international airport in Kutaisi, with very cheap flights to Europe, thus making Kutaisi the tours tic hub of Caucasus region STRAIGHT TALK, GOOD EDUCATION


Life at UNIK is as unique as the name suggests. It is busy enough with academic and social activities, giving a wholesome experience of learning and growing Kutaisi. University allows you to participate in nations and international seminars, competitions, and conferences. With parties and sports activities, a healthy lifestyle, and blossoming earning often organized camping, trekking and hiking give an all-around experience for life


Kutaisi Georgian: is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world and the third-most populous city in Georgia, traditionally, second in importance, after the capital city of Tbilisi. Situated 221 kilometers (137 miles) west of Tbilisi, on the Rioni River, it is the capital of the western region of Imereti

Historically one of the major cities of Georgia, it served as political center of Colchis in the Middle Ages as capital of the Kingdom of Abkhazia[4] and Kingdom of Georgia and later as the capital of the Kingdom of Imereti. From October 2012 to December 2018, Kutaisi was the seat of the Parliament of Georgia as an effort to decentralize the Georgian government


Kutaisi is located along both banks of the Rioni River. The city lies at an elevation of 125-300 meters (410-984 feet) above sea level. To the east and northeast, Kutaisi is bounded by the Northern Imereti Foothills, to the north by the Samgur ali Range, and to the west and the south by the Colchis Plain.

Area: 67.7 km²
Elevation: 80 m
Weather: 17 °C, Wind N at 5 km/h,
63% Humidity weather.com
Local time: Sunday, 9:31 pm
Population: 1.48 lakhs (2016) United Nations

Is Kutaisi worth visiting?

Most major Georgian cities have some beautiful botanical gardens and, though they may not be as beautiful or as varied as the ones in Tbilisi or Batumi, the Kutaisi gardens are still worth a visit. Entry costs 1GEL per person and the gardens are equipped with ample paved walking trails and numerous benches.

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