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The Kyrgyz state medical academy is the leader in the medical education in the Kyrgyzstan republic and most dynamically developing high school of central Asia. The KSMA employs 473 teachers including 1010 professors and Doctor of Medical Sciences senior lecturers. The academy trains more than 3000 students that citizens Kyrgyzstan, countries of the CIS and other 14 foreign countries. For the time of its operation the KSMQA has produced more than 25000 doctors and experts of associated

The Kyrgyz state medical academy was opened on the 1st September 1939 in the city of Bishkek (formerly FRUNZE) with recruitment of 200 students. The establishment of the academy was invariably contributed to the first Moscow Medical Institute, high medical schools of Saint-Petersburg. Almighty, Tashkent and other medical institutions as well. They provided expertise and the organizational assistance, medical guidelines and training books as well as faculty stops to do a full time job for the institute.

Departments of CPSU (Communist Party of the Soviet Union) history and political economy. Regular Anatomy, Biology, Histology. General Chemistry, Physics, Foreign languages, and others were opened. 16 teachers worked at these departments. The second KHARKOV General Medicine and Dentistry Institute and the Moscow dentistry Institute were evacuated to Kyrgyzstan during the great patriotic war (world war), which caused hardships in the institute's performance. Terms of training were shortened to 4.4 to 5 years. However, by 1943 the Kyrgyz state medical academy had produced the first 250 doctors.

In the 60’s the institute started a program controlled of proficiency with technical means employed. This period had sent the development of scientific backups for gaining expertise in disciplines such as elements of training, levels of their mastering, graphology structures etc.

In connection to structural changes in 1996 the institute was recognized by the decree of president of Kyrgyzstan republic to become the Kyrgyz state medical academy. The administration took measures to ensure the academy's transition into market economy reflecting a contractual system of training. At that, modernisation of educational methodical and research processes have been under way. In 2000 the KSMA started induction of new curricula designed in line with international standards.

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The student teacher ration per class is 1:15 (1 professor to 15 students) Indian Faculty is also available.


International students are provided accommodation in the hostellocated within the University campus. The rooms are well furnished and are available as single and double rooms. The hostel is a form of budget housing with low prices and a relaxed atmosphere where a good night's sleep is deemed more important than luxury frills. Our policy is to provide housing for all new first year international students. And variety of options also available close to the University, for the students who wish to move out of the hostel and rent an apartment which is applicable from second year,


The accommodation includes a room with bed, mattress, bed sheet & blankets in addition to study table and chair. Hostel is divided into sections, with each section containing 4 rooms and a shared bathroom.The walls within the room are wallpapered and are cosy. The laundry provided is optional and available once a week.


An Indian mess is located nearby. The food is cooked by an Indian chef. Indian food is available in the form of Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Every floor in the hostel has a shared kitchen with Gas stove and interested students can cook their own food.


The SOM is the national currency of Kyrgyzstan.


Public transportation includes buses, electric trolley buses, and public vans. Taxis can be found throughout the city. The city is considering to design and build a light rail system.


(+996) is the international country code for Kyrgyzstan and 312 is the dial code for Bishkek.

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