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Low Fees Mbbs collesges in philippines Top universities in philippines

More than 10000 foreign students come to the Philippines to study MBBS in the Philippines. In the recent past, the percentage of Indian students has highly increased in Philippines Medical Universities because of the high pass percentage in MCI Screening Test/FMGE. Nearly all the medical colleges in the Philippines follow the American Standard Medical Education, making it easy for the students to prepare for the USMLE and Foreign Medical Graduates Exam (FMGE).

The Philippines is an archipelago country of Southern Eastern Asia in the western pacific. The country covers around 7463 islands categorized under three geographical divisions from south and north, which are Visayas, Luzon and Mindanao. English and Filipino are the official languages. The total area of the country is around 3 lacs square kilometers. Manila is the capital of the Philippines. It comes on the 12th place in the world's population, making it one of the most preferred destinations to study

Why Study MBBS in the Philippines

MBBS in Philippines Top Universities in Philippines

The Philippines is the best destination for Indian students who want to study medical courses for several reasons. Some of the essential ones are highlighted below:

  • IELTS or TOEFL exam is not required to take admission.

  • English is the official language of the Philippines. It makes it easy and simple for the students who study MBBS in the Philippines to interact with the patients during the internship. Clinical rotation experience is the number one factor that decides the success in the Medical License Exam because most of the MCQs in the National Exit Test is based on the clinical diagnosis.

  • Globally recognized medical degree: Medical universities or colleges in the Philippines are recognized by the WHO (World Health Organization) and the Medical Council of India.

  • The Philippines is known for the quality of education in several streams. It has 2200 higher education institutions, consisting of 1573 private and 607 public institutions.

  • No donation or capitation fees to study MBBS in the Philippines. You can save around 70% of the tuition fees paid in the private medical colleges in India by studying medicine in Philippines Medical Colleges.

  • Around 10000 students come from other countries to study MBBS in the Philippines. Out of this, nearly 20% of the students were Indians. Several colleges have very high south Indian students, and few have a mix of the south as well north Indian students.

  • The medical education of the Philippines is based on the US education system that gives various opportunities to work in developed countries like Australia, the UK, Canada and US etc.

  • Philippines Climatic seasons are the same as the Indian tropical climate, so the disease spectrum is very much similar to India. When diagnosing patients, we must get patients during clinical clerkship with diseases common to the Indian climate.

  • The medium of teaching or instruction in all Philippines Medical College is English. There is no need to learn an additional language to complete a medical course like in Russia or China.

  • Low Fees Mbbs collesges in philippines

    Academic Based Reasons To Study MBBS In The Philippines

    Philippines Medical Syllabus:

    The Philippines Medical Course Syllabus is almost similar to the Indian MBBS Syllabus, making it easy for the Indian medical students who study medical courses in the Philippines to clear the Foreign Medical Graduates Exam (FMGE). FMGE exam is being replaced by the National Exit Test (NEXT) by the National Medical Commission in 2022. The subjects taught in Philippines Medical Schools are Pathology, Biochemistry, Obstetrics, Psychiatry, Radiology, General Medicine Surgery, Microbiology, Pharmacology, Anatomy, Gynecology, Anaesthesiology, Otorhinolaryngology, Ophthalmology and Community Medicine.

    Medical course duration and pattern:

    The total duration of MBBS is 5 years and half years for students who have been educated till class 12 with a background in science. The first 16 months focuses on building the foundation for strong medical education and the Bachelor of Science Program. The next three years is the core medicine, and during the first year, students undergo clinical rotations. If a student has already completed a bachelor’s degree in India with a science background, then they are eligible to directly join the MBBS Course.

    NMAT Exam for MBBS in the Philippines:

    For the government medical colleges in the Philippines, MBBS admissions are based on the standard Philippines Entrance Test called NMAT (National Medical Admission Test). This exam is similar to the NEET-UG examination in India but for the Government medical colleges in the Philippines. As per the Indian Embassy in Manila, many foreign students who joined government medical universities in the Philippines are forced to take a break till getting passing percentile in the NMAT exam. 40 is the passing percentile in the NMAT exam. This increases the course duration, which leads to a higher cost of study.

    English speaking patients:

    The medium of instruction is English instead of China, and Russia avoids the learning curve of an additional language. The Philippines being a colony of the US, has English as its official language. Your whole course duration is available for you to concentrate on studying MBBS in the Philippines. Though the US planted the seeds for learning English in the Philippines, it took enough interest to give attention and to dedicate necessary resources to maintain the fluency of the English language in the Philippines after the Americans left. Every signboard and name board in the Philippines are written in English, making it compulsory for every Filipino to understand and speak English. During the clinical practice, it becomes easy for the students to interact with patients in a common language and understand and learn the practical sessions better. The University of Perpetual Help, situated in the capital city of Manila, has a vast number of patient inflows.

    Philippines Climate

    The climate of the Philippines is merely maritime and tropical in nature, which is characterized by high temperature, repressive humidity, and plentiful rainfall. There are two popular seasons in the country, one is a dry season, and another one is the wet season based on the rainfall. The rainy season is going to be in the month of June to November; the dry season is December to May. The coolest month is January, and May is the warmest in the Philippines. Baguio City gets the greatest rainfall; the annual mean temperature is very low as compared to some other places. So, the summer capital of the Philippines is Baguio. The climate is very similar to that of the Indian climate, which helps the Indian students to learn about diseases that are much similar to that of India. Some of the top MCI Approved Medical Colleges in the Philippines conduct their semester exams in the MCA pattern like that of the MCI screening test conducted by the National Board of Examination (NBE). This is one of the major reasons for a high passing percentage of Philippines Medical Foreign Graduates as compared to China to Russia.

    Top medical universities in Philippines to study MBBS:

    The Medical Universities in the Philippines offer MBBS degrees that will be accepted across the globe and students get a chance to explore new cultures and interact with new people. Medical study in the Philippines is quite affordable for students costing around INR 15 – INR 25 lakhs for an average of 6 years, incorporating 5 years of study and practical knowledge and 1 year of internship as well.

    S. No University Name Description University Image
    1. UNIVERSITY OF PERPETUAL HELP University of Perpetual Help commenced in the year 1975 and is located in Laguna, Philippines. University of Perpetual Help is known for its high-quality medical training for majorly all the medical aspirants and is also regarded as one of the pioneer medical universities in the Philippines for its academic excellence. Top universities in philippines
    2. EMILIO AGUINALDO COLLEGE This college is known for establishing the first-ever research lab, namely Radioisotope laboratory in the Philippines, and offering high-quality medical education that too at an affordable cost. The college is one of the private institutions which commenced in the year 1977 and comprises two branches, one in Manila and the other in Cavite. MBBS in Philippines

    Frequently Asked Questions

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    • What will be the cost to study MBBS in the Philippines?

    The cost of study for MBBS in the Philippines differs from one University to another as each college has its expenses. The fees for the MBBS in the Philippines range somewhere between 15 Lacs to 20 lacs INR depending upon the University. Exceptionally positioned universities charge a greater amount of fees for the course. The average cost for vital items and stay may fluctuate from one city to another and from student to student. The expenses, including the mess expenses, hostel charges and some other expenses, are around INR 15000/month. All costs may wind up somewhere between INR 25 lacs to INR 35 lacs. This is around half of the expenses incurred while studying in India’s private medical college.

    • How to get Food & Accomodation Facilities in the Philippines?

    Most of the Philippines medical colleges offer hostel facilities to Indian students. Even though it is not that much mandatory to remain in a hostel, we recommend students to stay in the hostel since it reassures wellbeing and security. Some medical colleges have hostels inside the premises, and some have near their beliefs. The hostel will be under observation via CCTV cameras, giving secure convenience to females. Most of the top medical universities in the Philippines supply Indian food, vegetarian and non-vegetarian, as per the student’s preference. But, the students who go through Shine Medico Consultancy Private Limited will get extra luxury as we have our own accommodation facility for our students in the college with Indian and Andhra authentic food.

    • What will be the Living Cost in Philippines?

    The typical cost of MBBS in the Philippines for essential items is marginal in the Philippines in contrast with some other countries. The Philippines living expenses are 50% higher than India, yet India’s necessary things. The market and restaurant costs are 1.75% higher than in India. Many Indian students who study MBBS in the Philippines say that transportation charges are meager compared to India. The cost for electronics is three times more than in India. Shoes and cloth costs are moderately exact to India.

    • Can I get Education loan to study MBBS in the Philippines

    Many of the students look for the education loan for MBBS in the Philippines. You will be happy to know that getting an education loan is possible for studying MBBS in the Philippines. Each and every university will give you the fee structure mentioned on their letterhead along with the bank account of the university. You can take this admission letter and the fee structure along with your NEET qualified score and apply for an education loan. The banks will offer you a loan for the tuition fee at least. Moreover, the banks will check the documents of your parents to see if it will be possible to give you the loan or not. Furthermore, if your documents are complete and the bank is satisfied with them, then you can apply for an admission letter and get an education loan for studying MBBS in the Philippines.


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    The medical universities in the Philippines offer MBBS degrees that will be accepted across the globe and students get a chance to explore new cultures and interact with new people. Medical study in the Philippines is quite affordable for students costing around INR 15 – INR 25 lakhs for an average of 6 years, incorporating 5 years of study and practical knowledge and 1 year of internship as well.

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